Waterproof Extra Long Lightweight Rain Jacket for outdoor travel

I can still remember getting soaked wearing my fancy expensive rain jacket I got from REI when I went to see Victoria Falls waterfall in Zimbabwe, Africa or when I tried to wear it again in Sapa, Vietnam or in a monsoon rain storm in Bali…It didn’t take long before the water eventually came seeping in.   Despite saying my jacket was waterproof, the water did seep in and I definitely did get wet.  As such, I’ve tried a few different nicer looking jackets but they just don’t seem to be equipped to keep you totally dry if you want to be outdoors and explore for a long time in the pouring rain.  As such I’ve opted for perhaps a little less fashionable rain coat but it actually does work and keeps you totally dry.  (note: I highly recommend quick drying water shoes as well.)




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